D'YC Journal
Hey OISE people, the Individual and Society ABQ class page is now available.


All of the questions and hopes and worries of the past years have been resolved and I am now a full-time History teacher with the TDSB at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute.

My resume is no longer publicly available, but I have removed the login to the D'YC Journal section of the site.

I intend to put up a basic structure within the Course section to outline how I see that section eventually functioning. The Portfolio section is no longer an item on my priority list.

Finally, a new blog needs to be considered. Much to do, all of it fun.


Who am I?

I am a recent graduate (January 2006) of the teacher certification programme at D'Youville College and hold an Intermediate/Senior History teaching position in South Etobicoke. I am excited about working at a school that stresses current information technology, offers challenging academic and extra-curricular opportunities, and values intelligent, engaging, and creative teaching.

I have a Bachelor's degree in both psychology and philosophy, as well as an excellent background in social science research, linguistics, and anthropology from my Master's thesis. In addition to my History qualification, I have the Individual and Society ABQ and hope to attain the Communications Technology AQ in the near future.

I began my working life in the military serving for nine years as a reservist, with the bulk of my time spent in a leadership and training position. After completing my Master's degree in philosophy I began volunteering with LCI. I volunteered at LCI in computer science and social science classes-amassing over 400 hours in two years while working full-time as a web and graphic designer.

My six years of work as a web designer have allowed me to exercise both my technical and artistic abilities in the creation of countless websites and applications. The experience I have gained will allow me to contribute both in and out of the classroom as a teacher, a colleague, and an extra-curricular clubs leader.

My teacher's college journal and my design portfolio will give you more insight into who I am.